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Queues and umbrellas. Belém, 1.11.15

Last time I left you near the painting called "Man Playing Snooker and Thinking of Other Things". Unfortunately, nobody tried to solve the riddle. But hey, don't tell me that the part about the snooker is unguessable. If you have ever seen the game, you have an approximate notion of the colors of the balls and their meaning. Where else can you meet the set of circles colored that way?

In the Berardo Collection Museum we saw one more thing which is worth mentioning. The temporary exhibition featured movie "The Secret Agent" presented in a very unusual way. Several screens are used. They work synchronously showing the same episode of the movie but not the same frames. Each screen allows us to see the scene from a new viewpoint. Just imagine, you are standing between two large screens, each of which shows a person looking ahead, presumably at the opposite screen. Actually, these are two interlocutors talking to each other while you are standing between them feeling how their glances run through you. No virtual reality headsets, no holograms, nothing else related to the last word in technology, nothing but six screens and skillful cameraman can put you "inside" the film.    

I realized that what I like in such museums as Museu Coleção Berardo, is that even if you don't feel any attraction to nine exhibits out of ten there (just like I didn't), the tenth display turns out to be a wonderful source of inspiration. However, after wandering in the museum for some time, you gain everything what you can from its riches. So did we. 

It was time to explore the most famous Belém landmarks, Jerónimos Monastery and the Tower of Belém. We went outdoors. The weather was... guess what? Yup, it was still raining.

Do you remember this photo from the second-to-last post? 

Let's take another look at the tower.

That was how we decided not to visit Torre de Belém. We don't enjoy rain so much to stand in a line in such weather.

Turn around. Jerónimos Monastery looks lonely from a distance. 

Believe me, it's, actually, in a good company of umbrellaed tourists :) That's how we decided not to enter the second of the most attractive Belém sights either and went back to the center of Lisbon. There was a lot of places that we planned to visit, that's why wasting time in queues wasn't a great idea.

Do we feel disappointed about not seeing things which, probably, deserved attention the most? On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, such bad luck gave cause for coming back to Lisbon some day in the future on the way to the main destination. To Sintra, of course.

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