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Drizzly weather, museums' best friend (1.11.15)

First November morning was rainy. We headed to Belém hoping that the weather would ameliorate soon. When we got off the bus, it still wasn't fine, so we decided to start exploring the southwesternmost part of Lisbon by visiting the museums.

The Navy Museum comprises two large areas. The first one is full of scale models of Portuguese ships as well as of various attributes of navigation belonging to different epochs. My first perception was that the museum exposition is interesting. However, soon it appeared to be monotonous and thus boring. I suppose that those who are fond of maritime things would state the contrary, but we don't belong to them.

The displays located in the second building are much more attractive for the average tourists like us. This is no surprise. No matter how great are the models, originals are always better.

In the same room you can find a couple of early Portuguese aircrafts.

As a short summary, I'd say that the second part of the Navy Museum is worth visiting, while the first one should be turned into much more entertaining one. I'm sure, it can be.

After leaving the museum, we rushed for the next one since it was still raining. I'm not a big fan of modern art, that's why I didn't expect much of the Berardo Collection Museum. Most of the exhibits proved my expectations to be true. Still I found several striking displays.

Have you noticed eighteen striking displays on the photo above? ;) Oh well, just kidding.

What about the car coming out of the wall? Don't you find the concept great?

Below you can see one of the eleven known examples of Salvador Dali's "Aphrodisiac Telephone". Moments before I made this photo, I admitted (probably, for the first time in my life) that surrealism can be amazing!

This poster reminded me of a task my classmates and I got in the 4th grade (almost eleven years ago!). The teacher asked each of us to create an interactive three-dimensional theatrical scene from an ordinary box. Scissors, paste and paint were our only instruments, threads, multicolored paper and a box itself - our only materials. My mom created a beautiful work depicting an episode of "The Little Prince". Just an hour ago she assured me that I also took an active part in drawing the background, i.e. the stage set. I don't remember that detail at all, but let it be so :)

In conclusion, I'd like to pose you a riddle. What is the title of the artwork below? ;)

Well, I don't expect you to guess the exact name. Just try to surmise what words does it contain. No googling and other cheating (e.g. visiting the museum), of course! All the necessary information is on the photo. Your conjectures are welcome in the comments.

Next week I will reveal the title and will offer you to continue following us in Belém as well as in the other corners of Portugal's capital. Stay tuned!

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