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Tampere. Part IV. Särkänniemi

Do you know any success story in the world of game development more amazing than the one of the Rovio company? At the beginning of 2009 it was close to bankruptcy. Next year millions of people all over the world enjoyed shooting green pigs on their mobiles using undoubtedly the angriest weapon in history. Soon after that plush birds of various colors and sizes flooded shops. Next summer we'll watch the movie based on the most successful product of the company which almost went out of existence seven years ago. And at the end of last summer I visited Angry Birds Land - large area in Särkänniemi park in the northern part of Tampere.

When I entered the park and saw dozens of attractions, gigantic Angry Birds themed store, kiosks selling Mighty Eagle Snacks and Red Bird Sweets and, of course, a multitude of cheerful children with their parents, I realized that I failed to grasp the greatness of Rovio creation. By making relatively small mobile game (and later its sequels) they actually built a brand new universe for kids.

Even litter bins are "angry-birdish" here. Isn't it a nice approach to teach children not to leave litter about?

By the way, the park in Tampere is not unique. Here comes the proof. I didn't say that Angry Birds is a brand new universe only for Finnish kids because it is an object of worldwide worship!

Angry Birds Land is only a part of Särkänniemi. There you can also find lots of other attractions, a dolphinarium, a planetarium... I had only a couple of hours before it gets too dark. I decided to spend the most part of that time outdoors trying to visit every corner of the park. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Yup, it's a water rollercoaster, called "Log River". Definitely too hard to withstand for my vestibular system but looks thrilling from the outside and should be an exciting experience for those who enjoy ordinary ("dry") rollercoasters, slides in waterparks or even kayaking.

In each city, which I visit, I try to find an observation deck. So I can't help taking a view of Tampere from the top of Näsinneula observation tower situated in Särkänniemi as well. Before that day, I looked from above only at old cities with ancient buildings, tiled roofs and narrow streets. They were great but pretty much the same. Tampere is newer, it was founded less than 250 years ago. Moreover, Näsinneula is situated not in the center of the city but on its side, near the lake. That's why this time the view was a novelty for me. Tampere looks like a cozy place, don't you think so?

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