воскресенье, 13 декабря 2015 г.

Is regular blogging possible?

Do you belive in the great potency of promises made publicly?

Do I believe? I really don't know. But I think, the time to test it in practice came.

During last three months and a half no posts have appeared here. It wasn't due to a lack of ideas. Actually, even without brainstorming I have at least ten possible topics in my mind at the moment. However, I don't have much time and don't set blogging a high priority.

But here is what polyglot Olly Richards says:
In summer 2013, I started a blog.
Two years later, my dashboard shows 167 published articles.
That’s over 1 blog post per week.
During this period, I’ve worked full-time, lived in three countries, published a book, and completed a master’s degree.
So a lack of time shouldn't be considered as a solid reason not to write. Let's test it, too.

I promise to publish one blog post per week during the following twelve months. Each Saturday, no later than 11:59 p.m. (Saint Petersburg time) a new post will appear here (as well as the links to it on VK and Facebook). Thus, 52 posts over the whole year.

What I don't promise is:

  • that they would be as long as they had been before. In fact, I'll strive to make the posts shorter and to improve their readability.
  • that I'll write only in English. In general, I will, but don't be surprised if someday you will read my new post in Russian.

To keep the promise I need your help. If the time has come and I haven't published a post yet, feel free to remind me about that either in social networks or in the comments to this post.

P.S. Any feedback about the content of the posts, style and language is still highly appreciated.

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